Nutrition for Lactating Women & Children

About 300,000 newborns in the US each year are exposed to toxic mercury during pregnancy. This can be associated with environmental factors such as pollution and the food intake by expectant mothers. We are vulnerable with pollutants, but we can prevent it from destroying our health fast by taking in proper food supplements.

As early as planning the conception, a woman should plan and prepare her body for her little one. Her body should be a good environment for her baby in order to grow healthy. Proper nourishment starts from preconception, continues on to the duration of pregnancy until birth.

After child birth, both the mother and child should continue to receive proper nutrition based on their different body requirements. The mother will require energy to take care of her child and the child requires nutrients to grow and adapt to her new environment.

How To Take FKC Food Supplements?

Step 1. Check your health condition against the "Target Customers" column.
IMPORTANT! If you are unsure of your current condition, please consult with your doctor.

Step 2. Purchase the FKC package that's right for you by choosing from the list under the "Purchase Guide" column. You will receive something similar to the sample product package section below.

Step 3. Take the food supplements according to the "Taking Methods"

Sample FKC Package

Essential Package (1025B)

Contains: JointAgain(1) Tri-Antioxidant(1) WonderMeal(1) Liveright(1) CalciMagD(1) Cardiomax(1) Ingenium(1)

Target CustomersTaking MethodsPurchase Guide
Preparation Pregnancy

Ingenium: 2-3tablet/day

Duration of Pregnancy

Ingenium: 2-3 tablets/day, CalciMagD: 2-4 tablets/day

3 Months before ConfinementIngenium: 2-3 tablets/day, CalciMagD: 2-4 tablets/day, Regenesis: 2-3 tablets/day#1035B
Lactation Period

Ingenium: 2-3 tablets/day, CalciMagD: 2-4 tablets/day, Regenesis: 2-4 tablets/day

Note: CalciMagD (Chewable tablets) is for children under 6 years of age or 6 years of age and older but can not swallow tablets

Kids Vitamins: suck on or chew after meal

Ages 1—3: fruit or vegetable, 1 of each/day

Ages 4—5: fruit and vegetable, 1 of each/day

Ages 6—10: fruit or vegetable, 2-4 of each/day or Ingenium: 1-2 tablets/day

Regenesis: Ages 1—10, 1-4 tablets/day

CalciMagD: Ages 1—10, 1-2 tablets/day


Ingenium: 2 tablets/day, Regenesis: 2-3 tablets/day, CalciMagD: 2-4 tablets/day

Middle School Students (High School Students, Especially High School Graduates)

Morning Power: 1-2 tablets/day, once in the morning on an empty stomach and again in the afternoon, as allowed, Ingenium: 2-3 tablets/day or Kids-Vita: 4 tablets/day, CalciMagD: 2-3 tablets/day

Infantile Diarrhea, Indigestion, Eczema

Infantile Diarrhea, Indigestion, Eczema



In addition to the above products, other health products are not recommended to gravida, lactating women and children. Consult the company’s medical experts if you intend to take any products. For Regenesis, it is best to be preserved in the fridge and finished within 2 months.