Become an FKC Member and BE REWARDED!

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All expenses are paid by the company as one of its many rewards to its members.

FKC stands behind a powerful business model that allows its members to be wealthier as they become healthier.

At FKC we like to think that our customers are our friends and we like to feel that we are all members of a big healthy family. Some people like to stay in contact and share hints and tips and their success stories, others just like to be part of this worldwide group of people who are interested in living a healthy life. But aside from being part from this global community there are specific benefits that you can enjoy…

10% Discount – once you’re an FKC Member you will automatically receive 10% discount on all future product orders!

Personal Online WebStore – we’ll set up a personalized web store for you where you can find out about the latest nutrition news and easily place product orders. And if any of your family, friends or colleagues around the world purchase products from your ‘store’ you’ll also benefit from additional bonuses.

Special Offers & Promotions – at FKC we like to regularly offer Members special pricing and incentives. It’s a great way to try new products or simply stock up on your favorites.

Membership is FREE!

There is no fee associated with becoming a member. Registering as a Member is easy; all you need to do is purchase products with a 200 Point Value. (All FKC products have a PV which is a uniform value in every country around the World, so whether you are in New York, London or Singapore it’s the same to join.) If you purchased the Slender Fusion Complete Starter Kit for example (that’s 220PV) you’re already a Member!

How To Become An FKC Member?

FKC allows customers to be on their way to becoming Members with their first purchase of any FKC products! As a member you are given a username and password that will allow you to log in and make future purchases from any website associated with FKC. By doing this, FKC will automatically track the amount of your purchases for you. When your total purchases have accumulated to 200 Point Value or “PV”) you will be invited to become an “active member”.

The following illustration breaks this down for you.

Buy FKC Package

When you buy FKC products, you accumulate PV or Point Values. For example, Tri-Antioxidant has 41PV. A Family Package is equivalent to 200PV. When you buy a 200PV worth of FKC products, you are automatically eligible to become a member.

How To Buy? Simple. Click here or at any "Store" links at the top/bottom of page. Everything happens online in a secure process.

Build Your Store

An accumulated value of 200PV qualifies as a store. We will setup your online store so you can share with your friends and other prospective customers. You don't have to worry about your customers' purchases - again, everything happens online and we deliver and monitor them for you.

Recommend Good Health to Everyone You Meet

For helping FKC further its mission we will give you a $30 reward for each new customer that begins using the products as a result of your introduction. If those people you introduced to the products then in turn recommend to others, you may be rewarded with further bonuses.

Build More Stores and Earn Rewards

You will earn money from your FKC business through four different rewards. Each Member is paid directly from FKC. Your check will be sent to the name and address you have in your FKC Back Office.

There is even a chance to travel abroad if your store reached star level and more rewards.

Four Ways to Earn Rewards From FKC

There are four (4) ways to earn rewards from FKC.

1. Recommendation Reward (processed weekly)

Once you become a member, you have the right to help encourage other customers to become members. You will be rewarded with $30 for each new member you sponsor. Better yet, if you have a "super-store", you are sponsoring your own second and third stores and you’ll earn $60.00 in recommendation reward instantly.

Also, for every team you make, you will be rewarded $33 - on top of the recommendation reward on each store.

Sample Computation of Possible Income Per Week

RewardUS DollarPhilippine Peso (based on $1 = Php46)
$30$30 x 2$60Php 1,380Php 1,380 x 2Php 2,760
$33$33 x 1$33Php 1,518Php 1,518 x 1Php 1,518
TOTAL$93Php 4,278

2. Team Rewards (processed weekly)

Your Team Reward can be your largest source of income as you earn money from your stores as well as from the hard work of the other stores beneath you in your network.

Each of your member stores has two down-line teams, your left team and right team. Every time your left and right team each total a minimum of 200 PV (sales Point Volume made by you, your website, or any FKC Member in your stores sales teams), you will be rewarded with $33.00.

Every time your left and right each totals 600PV, FKC pays you $100 US. (FKC kicks in the extra $1). This is called a “Team Reward Cycle”.

Sample Computation of Possible Income Per Week

RewardUS DollarPhilippine Peso (based on $1 = Php46)
$30$30 x 6$180Php 1,380Php 1,380 x 6Php 8,280
= + $100 | $33($100 x 1) + ($33 x 2)$166Php 4,600 | Php 1,518(Php 4,600 x 1) + (Php 1,518 x 2)Php 7,636
TOTAL$346Php 15,916

3. Revenue Reward – Global (calculated weekly, distributed every four weeks)

The “Team Reward Cycles” you completed during a week that go over 16 cycles gives you an opportunity to participate in as much as 3.5% “Global Revenue Reward” of FKC's global revenue each month for each of the stores that you own!

  • 17- 200 cycles: you can participate in the 2.5% section (each cycle yields 3 points if less than 100; each cycle yields 2 points if less than 200 but greater than 100; each cycle yields 1 point if greater than 200).
  • 201-300 cycles: in addition, you can participate in the 0.5% section.
  • >300 cycles: in addition, you can participate in the 0.5% section.

4. Star Store Reward - Global (calculated weekly, distributed every four weeks):

Each store you own can participate in one more financial reward called “Star Store Reward - Global”. This reward also totals up to 3.5% of FKC's Global Revenue divided among its achieving members!

This reward is based on a “Star” system. Any one of your stores can earn 1 star. How does your store become a Star store in four weeks? When your store cycles 16 times (or more) each week in four continuous weeks, it becomes a “Star”. Once your store becomes a "Star", that store only needs to cycle 16 times (or more) in one of the following four weeks to be paid the "Star Store Reward". An FKC Member must own additional stores in order to become a Multiple Star Member.

  • Precious Class(1 to 6 stars): 2.5%
  • Diamond Class(7 to 9 stars): 0.5% 7-9 Outstanding Stores
  • Royal Crown Class (10 or more stars): 0.5% 10 or above Outstanding Stores

If you need further information on FKC Opportunity, visit the FKC International website.